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The ConnectWise Manage product export allows you to send products from your Adaptive Catalog workspace to the ConnectWise Manage product catalog. Once you have established the link to the ConnectWise Manage product catalog, updates to the pricing and availability will be synchronized to ConnectWise Manage.

You can also use the linked products when pushing the products to ConnectWise Manage Opportunities. Instead of pushing as forecast items, they will be pushed as links to the product in your Manage Opportunity.

If you set up the ConnectWise Manage Pod extension, you will be able to see the full Adaptive Catalog product details when viewing the product in ConnectWise Manage.


Create an API Member


For the most up to date instructions on setting up a ConnectWise Manage API member, check ConnectWise University

  1. In ConnectWise Manage, go to System → Members → API Members

  2. Click the add button to create a new API member

  3. In the Member ID field enter adaptivecatalog and in the Member Name field enter “Adaptive Catalog”. For pod setup, you will need to assign an Admin role. Once the pod has been created, you can decrease the role to just allow product search/update/creation and opportunity search/update

  4. Save and then navigate to the API Keys tab. Click the add button to create a new API Key.

  5. Enter “Adaptive Catalog” in the Description field.

  6. Save the Public Key and Private Key in a secure location for use when setting up the Adaptive Catalog extension.

Install the Extension

  1. In Adaptive Catalog, navigate to the Extension Management page.
  2. Click the Install button

  1. Search for ConnectWise Manage extensions and locate the “ConnectWise Manage Catalog Export” extension. Click the on the panel for this extension.

  2. Fill out the fields with the following details: Nickname: Shown in the Export dropdown in the work URL: The API URL for your manage instance Company ID: You Manage Company ID Public Key: The public key from your Adaptive Catalog API user Private Key: The private key from your Adaptive Catalog API user

  3. Click the green Install button.

Using the Extension

  1. Navigate to a Workspace with products on it.

  2. Click Extensions → ConnectWise Manage Product Export (or the provided nickname)

  3. Fill out all of the fields and then click Run. You should then see an “Extension ran successfully” message