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Adaptive Catalog allows linking products and workspaces to external IDs in your system. This allows Adaptive Catalog to keep products up to date, pass items by reference, or simply display existing links to users.

When exporting a product from an Adaptive Catalog workspace, if the extension has the linkType field set and the link set to product, Adaptive Catalog will log the product IDs in the response object. Upon subsequent runs of the extension with any linked products, a LinkId entry will be added to the ExtensionFields of each product in the export request.


When running extensions that should use linked items, but do not establish their own links, you can use the LinkedItemType to reference previously linked items. One example is the ConnectWise Manage Opportunity Export that will reference ConnectWise Manage Product Catalog links. The Product Export extension has link set to product and linkType set to ConnectWiseManageProduct. Then the Opportunity Export extension has linkedItemType set to ConnectWiseManageProduct, and the link set to workspace and linkType set to ConnectWiseManageOpportunity. Adaptive Catalog will then pass in the LinkId for any established products and also link the opportunity and workspace. Only one link can be set per extension.

Use with Embedded Extensions

The extension link is also used whenever an embedded extension is called. These allow you to load the full Adaptive Catalog product details in an iframe from inside your application.