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Adaptive Catalog extensions allow you to add functionality to your Adaptive Catalog system by integrating with 3rd party tools.

Quoting Tools

ConnectWise CPQ PunchOut - Our simple integration with ConnectWise CPQ. It is recommended that you install the Enhanced Punchout for ConnectWise CPQ for the best experience.

ConnectWise CPQ Enhanced PunchOut - A deeper integration with ConnectWise CPQ, offering a more bi-directional synchronization and pushing additional fields to your quote.

CRM / PSA Tools


ConnectWise Manage Product Export - Add products to your ConnectWise Manage product master with all of the rich Adaptive Catalog content.

ConnectWise Manage Opportunity Export - Update existing opportunities with products from your workspace. This will either link items that have been created in your ConnectWise Manage instance, or create forecast items on the opportunity.

Kaseya BMS

Kaseya BMS Product Export - Add products to your Kaseya BMS instance.

Kaseya BMS Quote Export - Update existing quotes & opportunities with product data from your workspace. Products that already exist in your Kaseya BMS instance will be linked to the quote, and other items will be added as a “free item”


Autotask Product Export - Add products to your Autotask instance.

Autotask Quote Export - The Autotask Quote export allows you to send products from your Adaptive Catalog workspace to an Autotask Quote of your choosing.

Vendor Integrations

Vendor integrations allow you to pull pricing & availability in either real time, or scheduled from a price file. It is recommended that you set up both a file import and if available a real time import. The file import is what will allow you to do sorting & filtering on your pricing and availability.

Vendor FTP Import - Import a price file from a vendor’s FTP site and define the mappings. It is recommended to set this up for all vendors you commonly purchase from.

Ingram Micro Real Time (v6) - This is the latest Ingram Micro REST API that Adaptive Catalog currently supports. It allows you to pull in your pricing and availability in real time from Ingram Micro.

Ingram Micro Real Time (XML / Mustang) - The XML interface to Ingram Micro has been deprecated and may not continue to work, but if you have these credentials you can still set them up in Adaptive Catalog while waiting for the new v6 access approval.

TD Synnex Real Time - You will first need to get approval from your TD Synnex representative to use the real time APIs. Once enabled, you can install the real time extension to start querying TD Synnex data.