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Ingram Micro Real Time - XML Mustang


The Ingram Micro XML / Mustang Interface has been deprecated and may stop working at some point in the future. It is recommended that you switch to the Ingram Micro Real Time - v6 extension soon. Ingram Micro is no longer allowing new customers to sign up for the XML interface. If you have existing credentials (such as for ConnectWise Sell, QuoteWerks, etc.) you can use them with this extension.

The Ingram Micro real time extension allows you to view price and availability directly from the Ingram APIs / website inside Adaptive Catalog. When you search on products, the pricing and current availability will be refreshed for all products in your search results. You will also be able to see detailed warehouse availability, and an ETA for the next shipment of products (if provided).

Installing the Extension

  1. Navigate to the Extension Management page of Adaptive Catalog and click the Install button

  2. Search for the Ingram Micro XML extension and click the card. NOTE: There are two Ingram Micro extensions. One is for the newer REST APIs, and one for the deprecated XML APIs.

  3. Fill out the fields with your Ingram Micro Mustang credentials, choose your Target Catalog (generally this will be your technology catalog) and unless instructed by our team to do otherwise, fill in the Vendor field with “Ingram Micro”

  4. Click the Install button