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Enabling Vendor Columns

1. Navigate to the search page of Adaptive Catalog

2. Click on Customize Columns

3. Click the "Select Columns" dropdown

4. Uncheck the "Availability" and "Cost" columns

It is suggested that you remove the availability and cost columns from your grid to free up some space.

5. Enable the vendors you want to see on the grid

6. Click on Save


7. Click on Ingram Micro

In order to sort by price and availability of the new vendor columns, simply click on the header of the vendor you would like to sort by.

8. Sort Results

On first click, the sort order will be a price highest to lowest sort, with in stock items always appearing at the top, followed by items that are out of stock, and finally items not carried by the vendor.

A second click with sort price low to high, and a third click resets the sort to default.


When sorting by price, any "nice to have" features will be ignored.