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Workspace Overview

The workspace overview provides details such as the Workspace Name and Workspace Total Cost Range. The name of your workspace is set when creating the workspace, and cannot currently be changed. In addition, you will always have a “Default Workspace”. The total cost is calculated by multiplying the ranges of each product by the workspace quantity. This will give you a high level range of the potential cost of all items on your workspace depending on which vendors you source from.

Workspace Controls

Remove Products

The workspace controls allow you to remove items from the workspace, run specific extensions, or change your currently selected workspace. Once you have selected products on your workspace by clicking on them, you can remove multiple products using the Remove Selected Products quick action.


The Run Extension quick action allows you to select an installed extension, such as “Export to ConnectWise Manage Opportunity” and run that extension. Upon selecting an extension, a dialog will appear allowing you to set extension specific options, such as selecting the opportunity, setting product attributes, or uploading files.

Workspace Selection

You can change your currently selected workspace with the Workspace Selection quick action. You will be presented with a list of all available workspaces, as well as the ability to create new workspaces or delete your current one. Note: There must always be at least one workspace, so you will not be able to delete the last workspace in your system.

Workspace Items

Workspace items shows a table of all items currently on your selected workspace. You can view high level product details, such as name, availability, and cost or click the Details button to see full product details. You can also adjust the Quantity of a given workspace item, which is passed to specific extensions (such as opportunities or file exports). Clicking the red Delete button will remove that item from your workspace.